Shoe Care

Advise from the experts: caring for your shoes 

OHM care instruction should be followed in order to ensure great quality for a long time.

Beautiful shoes are always good investment and it shows your personality.

- Brush your shoes regularly to remove dirt and dust. Do not use the same brush which you use for polishing. You can also use damp cloth to clean away.

-Once brushed, you should regularly do the polish. Frequency depend condition of shoes.

- Never wear same OHM Shoes every day. Try alternate days and when not using always keep the shoe tree in order to maintain the shape of shoes.

- Sneakers and casual shoes also require same amount of attention and regular cleaning for longer life.

- Protect your product from water, which may stain the leather.

- Natural OHM leather may be stained by contact with damp hands (sanitizer, hand cream, water, perfume etc.).

- Should it get wet, dab it with a lint-free, light-colored and absorbent cloth. Never use solvent.

- When not in use, store the article in the box provided with your purchase. Do not store in high temperature, high humidity or unventilated areas.