California Transparency Act

OHM New York and its subsidiaries has built its brand around the consistent production of high quality products, from complete range of leather goods to classic footwear, and its commitment to conducting business according to the highest ethical and legal standards. 

Most of OHM products made on company own factory which set forth our business, legal and ethical standards in the following areas: occupational health and safety, fair wages and benefits, work hours, transparent record keeping practices, freedom of association, sub-contracting, customs compliance, product safety, conflicts of interest, anti-bribery, environmental sustainability, and prohibitions on child labor, forced labor, prison labor, discrimination, and harassment.

OHM New York has zero tolerance for slavery and human trafficking and it supports the Califonia Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010.

Compliance audits

On a regular basis our other suppliers are required to undergo compliance audits which include checks for compliance with the prohibition of trafficking and slavery. Audits are conducted by internal or external partners and scheduled together with the suppliers.

Certification of supply Chain security

The OHM General Terms and Conditions obligate suppliers to comply with the OHM Social Standards and ensure compliance through their supply chain.

Internal accountability 

If suppliers violate our OHM Social Standards we issue an action plan, requesting them to improve compliance with our standards. The supplier's performance will be reviewed in a follow up audit. If a supplier fails to make progress against the plan, he may be subject to sanctions up to and including termination of the business relationship.

Internal trainings

All our employees at OHM undergo annual Social Standards trainings. Our internal and external audit staff consists of experienced and well trained auditors.