Brand Protection

OHM New York's, commitment to protection of its creativity and high craftsmanship is a priority mission that distinguishes the story of its founder and the DNA of the brand. 

The company is actively engaged in the crackdown of any imitation and counterfeiting of OHM products, both online and offline. 

Our commitment includes monitoring and removing counterfeit products on fake e-commerce platform, social media, to binging lawsuits against counterfeiters, and collaborating with law enforcement worldwide to seize fake products and shut down production sites.

Data updated: 

  • Expert Solutions to Remove Infringing Profiles from Social Media Platforms.
  • Numerous Counterfeit Product Listings Expunged From E-Commerce Platforms
  • Fraudulent Websites Removed
  • Counterfeit Products Seized Globally

To ensure the authenticity of the product, we invite you to purchase through our website or from our authorized stores and retailers globally. You can also check authenticity of product by sending us email with appropriate information. 

Authorized Stores & Retailers

To ensure that our customers receive genuine OHM New York products, we have established network to sell our product through our website, our stores and trusted network of authorized retailers. These retailers have been carefully selected and are authorized to sell our products. By purchasing from an authorized retailer, customers can be confident that they are getting authentic OHM New York products. 

Reporting Suspected Counterfeits

If you come across a product that you suspect may be a counterfeit OHM New York, we encourage you to report it to us. Your vigilance can help us in our efforts to protect our brand and our customers. Please contact our Customer Service Center at 1-888-517-1634 or email us at with any information or concerns you may have.

By implementing these measures and working together with our customers, we are committed to protecting the OHM New York brand and ensuring that our customers receive the exceptional quality they expect from us. Thank you for your continued support and trust in OHM New York.